Pet Wellness Exam

As a pet owner, it is important that your companion stay happy and healthy. At Erie Animal Hospital, we offer yearly pet wellness exams to detect any conditions or diseases early and improve your pet’s health. The wellness exam is described below and why this process is important to every pet.

Pet Wellness Exam

The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams

1.            Why does your pet need a yearly exam if they are not sick? 

Vaccines are one reason, because just like us, our pets need them to prevent illness or disease. 

Do they still need a yearly exam if no vaccines are due?  Yes!  We believe that the wellness exam is even more important as your pet ages.  By instinct, they may hide illness and pain.  We may be able to identify some issues from the physical exam, and history you provide.  The owner is as important to the wellness exam as the pet.  Who knows more about your friend than you?

2.            What to Expect During a Pet Wellness Exam?

A caring technician will ask you questions about your pet, such as how and what your pet is eating and drinking, their bathroom habits and any concerns that you have.  The doctor will check your pet from head to tail.  We will listen to your pet’s heart and observe their breathing.  We will check their ears and look in their mouth.  Issues with bad teeth can be a serious health risk and dental care is an important part of proactive pet healthcare.  We may find wax, parasites, or infection in the ears.  We will observe their gait, since joint issues are common in pets and most issues respond well to early detection.  Some pets become very nervous and we try to make them more comfortable using treats and gentle handling.

Early Detection of Conditions or Diseases

3.            What can be done to make sure my pet is healthy?

At a yearly wellness exam, we may recommend screening tests to identify diseases such as Feline Leukemia, Heartworm,  and tick borne diseases.  For senior pets, we may recommend more comprehensive bloodwork to catch diseases early.

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