Pet Dental Care

Dental health is a part of our overall general well-being.  It's the same for our furry friends.  Maintaining good health throughout their lifetime includes yearly exams that include dental exams and dental cleanings.  At Erie Animal Hospital in Erie, PA, one of our services is pet dental care. 

dog teeth cleaning

Signs Dog Dental or Cat Dental Care is Needed

Dogs and cats can display symptoms that alert us when something is amiss inside their mouths and requires attention and treatment.  Some signs to pay attention to include:

    • Bad breath

    • Difficulty eating or chewing or food falling out of the mouth

    • Rubbing the face against hard surfaces, such as the floor

    • Loose teeth or drooling

    • Only eating soft food

Pet Dental Issues

Similar to humans, pets can suffer from a range of dental issues.  The most common problems for dogs and cats are related to periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is bacteria-driven, meaning that bacteria are the source of the issue that can lead to serious dental problems if left untreated.  Over time, bacteria build up on the pet's teeth, causing the brown plaque on the teeth, adversely affecting the bone and eventually the tooth's root.  Once this happens, the tooth can abscess and the bacteria can enter the pet's bloodstream, potentially causing internal medical issues such as damage to the heart, lungs, and kidneys by causing unseen infections.

If your pet has bad breath, it could be a sign of periodontal disease.  In such cases, our veterinarian will recommend a teeth and gum cleaning procedure.  Pet parents will also be provided with instructions on how to maintain preventative care at home to keep their pets free from gum disease.  In extreme cases, an abscessed tooth might need to be extracted.

Teeth and Gum Cleaning Procedure

Unfortunately, our patients don’t know how to sit and have us clean their teeth, so we will administer anesthesia to ensure a safe and stress-free procedure for your pet.  Prior to the procedure, your pet will undergo a blood test and exam to ensure they can safely undergo anesthesia.  Throughout the procedure, our vet assistants will continuously monitor your pet's vital signs to ensure their well-being.  They check heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels and respiratory rate.


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When establishing your pet's health routine at home, you should start to brush your pet’s teeth as a puppy or kitten to get them used to it.  Brushing the teeth especially in those small breeds more prone to dental disease can really help to prevent problems.  Be sure to include regular dental checks as part of their overall care.  With a comprehensive wellness exam, our veterinarian can detect potential problems before they become major issues.  If you suspect your pet is suffering from a dental problem or any medical issue, don't hesitate to give us a call from Monday to Saturday.

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